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The Key to a Mindful Life - Vivid Life

The Key to a Mindful Life

eve2    The Key to a Mindful Life                                                                                                        


Designed for the modern executive, this course helps you reach for inner peace so that you can master your mind like Samurais, manage your stress the right way and most importantly “Live Mindfully”.

Transformative program, using simple merge between neuroscience, mindfulness, yoga philosophy and martial arts, In-door corporate practice and outdoor active meditation and fun time to fully understanding the Self, reaching your real nature by unleashing the unwanted acquired qualities over years







 Learnings and Outcomes



The Key to a Mindful Life – 3 Modules


The Key to A Mindful Life – Level I


  • Create Self-Body & Energy awareness
  • Be healthier, lighter, stronger and more flexible facing all challenging situation at work
  • More productivity with Less stress-effect
  • Pursue your daily challenges in more balancing way between "Let go" and "Never give-up“ to commit for a change
  • Live in harmony with external world in a balanced approach











The Key to A Mindful Life – Level II


  • Understand how Neuroscience helps in building habits at any age
  • Use the Circle of Relationship exercise to manage your professional and personal relationship in more efficient and impactful way
  • Use Mind plasticity exercises to expand your own talents and traits
  • Interact effectively and efficiently with thy-self and with others










The Key to A Mindful Life – Level III


  • How to Master your Sleep Like Swamis
  • How to Master your Mind Life Samurais
  • Acquire new techniques to attain a mindfulness for better business clarity
  • Gain clarity in your decision making through business meditation 











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